Thursday, 30 October 2014

Maternity style ::: 38 weeks (and the nursery nook)

Yup, still pregnant. It's a tiring and tiresome waiting game. We did make it out to a fancy dress party last week however and it was sooo nice to be out out on a Saturday night. Note to self people will think the bump is part of your costume (I was a 1940s housewife). I also discovered that it's actually illegal to serve alcohol to a pregnant lady in DC. Say what? But it's A OK to serve them junk food. Good standards there, America.

In other more fun news the nursery nook is pretty much done. Yipee! We live in a small one-bed condo so Bot was forced kindly gave up his side of the bed to make room for a little nook for the baba. Amongst the DIYs i've been working on recently (blackout curtain, chest of drawers, bunting) the 'Eat, Poop, Sleep, Repeat' banner is by far my fave (see how-to here). I found the stick on a recent walk round our neighborhood and love that wherever we end up a little piece of baba's first home will be with us.

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