Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Walking on water

The breakdown...
Cross vest: ASOS
Sheer skirt: ASOS
Bra: M&S
Hoops: Claire's

Worn off that i'm on holiday 
Shot at...vila Lisetta, near Mijas, Spain
Inspired by...Spanish senoritas

Wow, super-extended break.  But then again in the past month I turned 30, went on hols to Spain where it rained for 4/7 days, spent an amazing weekend in Devon henning it up (a friend's, mine is in a few weeks) and generally deep-dived into my wedding.  Yup, name cards, bunting and flowers are all-consuming right now. And life outside of the wedding is, well, pretty non-existent.  Can't complain, I love it, but it does make for rather awkward blogging (crazy bride, not wanting to share ANY ideas until after the big day)...lots of fodder afterwards mind, but right now my conversation is pretty one-sided.  I've turned into one of those women who thinks everyone wants to hear about my big day. Damn right, it's GONNA ROCK, ha, she hopes, fingers crossed.  The doubt creeps in all too quickly...the nightmares have started (what do you mean I have no dress / I forgot to book the registrar / I slept in).

Oh the joys of planning a wedding.  Seriously though, if you're planning on getting married soon I have spreadsheets coming out of my ass. Makes me feel far more organised than I really am.  Need to get my craft on this weekend.  Pronto.

Tootles x

...and a few more holiday snaps

Girls vs.

...the boys. Charming lot really.


  1. This looks like so much fun, I am very jealous!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love your skirt and your blouse and your bra and basically everything about your outfit.

  3. Love your outfit! The pleated white skirt is so pretty. xx


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