Monday, 14 May 2012

A Welsh love affair

Tractor.  Standard.
We just got back from a delightfully relaxing weekend in Wales.  I'm seriously falling in love with the place; beautiful rolling hills and so peaceful.  I never wanted to leave.

We stayed at another Under the Thatch cottage, this time with my sister, brother-in-law and my mum.  We stayed at the Dyfi Valley Eco-Barn, just outside Machynlleth - a stunningly converted barn with breath-taking views over the valley. Inside the barn has been decorated with great love and affection, vintage trinkets adorning every nook and cranny.  But no TV, what a (pleasant) shock to the system :-)

Barn with a view.  

The weather was kind and the sun shone for most of our visit.  But on our final night the wind howled and whipped around the barn, all very exciting to us 'city' folk, and the fire roared as it battled to keep us warm. 

Saturday was spent strolling along the beach while my sister's dog, Ruby, played fetch for an impressive 2 hours straight.  Sunday I donned my new and very stylish trekking boots (it appears i've reached that age) and we explored some incredible waterfalls. 

And the highlight of the weekend? My sister and I completing a 1000 piece puzzle - sheer grit and determination that took I tell thee!

By trade i've always been a city girl; the hustle and bustle, the markets, exhibitions.  The buzz.  But the more time I spend in the countryside the more I wonder whether deep down, tucked away under the grit and grim of the city, there might just be a little country bumpkin biding her time, waiting to have her turn in the spotlight. Maybe. Just maybe.

Clara x

Ruby, our faithful companion.  And 5* ball fetcher.

Jigsaw champions

The family.

And thank you. For all those who got in touch following my previous blog post :-)


  1. Ohhh these photos are a dream! You look so cute in your hiking gear (where is that coat from?! It looks amazing on you!)

    I grew up in the country but now live in the city and i yearn to live my country bumpkin life again >_< i find country life so much more peaceful than city life.

    ps that barn is INCREDIBLE! I want to live in it! xxxxx

  2. Ah thanks Tilly! The coat is from Vila - xx

  3. I LOVE tractors and this looks lovely, it sounds so peaceful!

    Maria xxx


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