Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Stocking fillers

I love opening lots of little presents at feels like i'm being really spoilt! So I thought i'd share a few of my current fave stocking fillers for this year...

Clockwise from top left
Anthropologie earrings / €28 -- Anthropologie pie dish / €60 -- Orla Kiely casserole dish / £60 -- Dorothy Perkins PJ set / £22 -- Chevron necklace via Etsy / £25 -- Dorothy Perkins satchel / £30 -- Urban Outfitters brooch / £12 -- Alice for Alice Hannah arm warmers via ASOS / £12 -- Handmade bracelet via Etsy / £12
Urban Outfitters throw / £35 -- Anthropologie bonnet / 58 -- Anthropologie dishtowel / 20 -- Urban Outfitters bag / £28

And i'm also pleased to announce that the winner of the Scarves by Simpkins handmade scarf giveaway is...(drumroll please)...Doll Doll Dolly.  Congratulations!!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

I got the moves like Jagger

Ah it's so nice to actually feel rejuvenated after the weekend, which compared to how I felt last week is a mahoosive improvement.  I took in my first Zumba class which was AMAZEBALLS. Ok, so I still sweated copious amounts (one of the reasons I hate exercise), and my face turned grossly red and blotchy (reason #2) and it was hard work (#3), but I can honestly say it's the only time i've had a smile on my face whilst exercising.  How can you not smile when you're thrusting away to Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger and being encouraged to sing along by your (very, very camp) instructor.  

What do you think of the new dress?  When Matalan asked if i'd liked to style up this 60s block colour dress OF COURSE I said yes.  Well, I was actually a tad concerned that the white skirt part wouldn't exactly be kind on the old hips (being a pear shape n all - and as any pear-shaped girl knows, you should always wear darker colours on your bottom half) but it turned out just fine.  And paired with the beehive (courtesy of my Bumpit), and a quick slick of black eyeliner, this is one little dress that have you swinging your hips Austin Powers style in no time! Oh, and did I mention it's £20?  Swoon.

Excuse the rather pale face - I had my last microdermabrasion session on Saturday and you're banned from wearing make-up for 24 hours after (I figured eye make-up didn't really count!).

The breakdown
Dress: c/o Matalan, £20
Tights: Matalan, £5
Shoes: Primark, £10.50
Coat: TKMaxx (seriously old, can't even remember how much)

We found this old piece of rope hanging from a tree in the park so of course I couldn't resist jumping on for a swing. It was getting dark so the picture quality isn't great but here are a couple of snaps of me monkeying around.

Happy Monday xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

F&F at Tesco S/S 2012 press day

I'm not gonna lie.  I've been tardy this week. I attended the F&F at Tesco press day last Tuesday. LAST TUESDAY. Damn it.  Still, better late than never, eh? (does that phrase actually make anyone, anyone feel better.  Thought not).

Ok, enough rambling.  On to the show. Approaching the Oxo Tower from the banks of the Thames where the wind was briskly swirling around my being, we scaled the stairs and were transported into the wonderful land of F&F.  Moving from one rail to another we took in the tribal-inspired range with its geometric and animal prints, and imagined we too could do safari-chic as well as Meryl Streep in Out of Africa.  

Next, the Great Gatsby collection.  A whirlwind of romantic pieces inspired by the 20s and 30s, brimming with ruffles and lace.  Think pretty blouses and printed tea dresses.  A big hit.

And so followed the modern graphic pieces which sat alongside the 80s inspired bold clashing colours.  One should never be afraid of colours again.

I was impressed. Super impressed.  The price points are incredibly low, most certainly affordable, but they haven't scrimped on the quality of the material.  These are very, very good value for money pieces.  They are on-trend but not fashiony, taking inspiration from the catwalk, but without being a slave.  And many, i'm sure, will become firm wardrobe staples.  Think New Look (but slightly classier) for the woman in her mid-20s and up.  

Good work F&F.  I'll be seeing you very soon.

Block colours with a side pleat.  Spot on.

This tropical number with the 70s neck-tie would be perfect for strolling along the beach.  Preferably in the Caribbean.

Cute sleeveless blouses are ideal teamed with skinny jeans and brogues.

Ah the de rigour photo booth.  An essential component of any shindig in my humble opinion.

My fave skirt, from the tribal collection.  Add some heeled loafers, a cream shirt, fitted cardigan, handbag placed in the crook of your arm, and some glasses.  Office chic right there ladies.

If you're looking for great office pieces, you've come to the right place

Vintage sunnies, yes please.

Gatsby flapper.  Charleston, here we come.

Love, love, love this sunny polka dot dress.

Neutral woven clutch.  Want!

Colour me happy jeans.
Have wonderful weekends all.  And don't forget to enter my competition - you've got till Sunday, so be quick!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

And they called it, smart casual

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you're constantly playing catch up?  At work, at home, with friends, with life?  Ok, so this 'catch-up' is entirely my fault after a jam-packed weekend of partying, but it has made me think about things.  What do I value more at the weekend?  Partying and therefore slothing during the few short hours of sunshine.  Or do I prefer an early rise wherein I make the most of the few precious winter hours of sunshine, bumbling around markets, sewing, eating (proper food, not minstrels).

Ok, i'm being slightly melodramatic (those of you who know me in "real-life" will be used to this i'm sure).  I don't need to pick one over the other.  I'm never going to stop partying.  But what I am coming to terms with is that i'm growing up. As hard as it is to accept, i'm getting old.  Urgh.  Is this something that happens in your last year of your twenties?  Any advice?

Let me introduce you to my new friend, the roly poly.  He is my new BFF.  If like me you were cursed blessed with super fine hair you'll understand that trying to create a substantial looking bun is no easy feat.  You dream of the day when you wake to find your limp hair has transformed into Penelope Cruz-esk locks, that flow down your back.  Alas, that dream is yet to come true.  Enter the roly poly, or the doughnut as you may be more familiar with.  Pop you hair in a ponytail, pop on the roly poly and clip in place (so it becomes like a doughnut) and wrap your hair around.  Et voila, a nice substantial bun.  And the beauty of the roly poly is that you can also create gorgeous 1940s rolls too.  Genius.

The breakdown
Jacket: Primark, £12.50 (2010)
Shirt: Primark, £10 (2010)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters, £35
Tights: Matalan, £5
Shoes: from a little trip to Argentina
Bag: Forever 21, £19.95
Roly poly: Boots, £5.36
Watch: c/o Swatch

Oh, and don't forget to enter my competition to win your very own Scarves by Simpkins scarf!

Happy Wednesday folks xx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Competition: win your very own handmade Scarves by Simpkins scarf

Good weekends all?  I'm not going to say too much about mine other than it was very, very boozy.   So in order to cheer us all up i'd thought i'd kick start the week with a little competition...

As promised in Friday's post one lucky reader will win their very own handmade Scarves by Simpkins scarf, you lucky things. These beauties are gorgeously warm, and nice and long too so you can really wrap yourselves up!  The winner can choose from the great range of colours on the website (olive, teal, purple, cherry, chocolate, taupe, charcoal, oatmeal, boysenberry and silver) and then Georgi will then knit you your very own scarf!

So how do you get involved?

1. Be a follower of Clazzerati via Google connect (just click on the JOIN THIS SITE button on the right-hand side of the blog)
3. Leave a comment below telling me which colour scarf you like the best, along with your e-mail address/blog so I get in touch with you!

This competition is open to UK residents only.

All entries must be received by 6pm GMT on Sunday 27th November 2011 and the winner will be announced next week.  Good luck!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Country life

What an amazeball of a week.  The Bot has been in Washington all week and while the cat's away...just kidding.  But it has been a v busy one.  The F&F at Tesco press day on Tuesday really blew me away (more on that next week), my collection of homemade Christmas pom poms is slowly growing (albeit at a slightly slower pace than hoped), and yesterday the lovely folks at Midas and Eurostar whisked me away to Paris for the day, merci, merci.  And tonight I have a date with a certain Mr. Pattinson.  Swoon.

This scarf has literally not left my neck since I received it last week from the lovely Georgi of Scarves by Simpkins.  I've worked with G for years and recently she and her mum decided to venture into the knitting business, being such talented knitters, and the results are incredible.  You can check out their website here, and i'll also be hosting an exclusive competition on the blog next week, so be sure to stop by!


The breakdown
Coat: Vero Moda, £65
Scarf: c/o Scarves by Simpkins
Jeans: BDG, $45
Converse: £35
Bag: Peacocks, £5

I thought you might also be interested to see these pictures I took last weekend while I was helping my mum clear out my granddad's house. In an old tin trunk were hundreds of these world war magazines, almost every one in the set!  There are a few less than before as the mice have got to them but aren't they great? We also found a copy of the Sunday Dispatch newspaper, a special edition celebrating the silver wedding of the Queen mother, incredible.

Bon weekends all, see you next week x