Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Secret Garden Party 2011

I've been offline for the past few days getting lost in the not so secret garden party festival. I'm far from functioning at my optimum so no outfit/lengthy post today. But I can share with you this little video I put together which should give you a taste of what i've been up to for the past few days.

Stay safe gardeners xx

p.s. thank you to everyone who has voted for me in the Matalan bloggers style competition.  If you have a sec i'd really appreciate you taking the time to vote!  Mwa x

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Clazzerati's Couture Challenge #4

My New Year's resolution this year was to make more clothes, so I set the challenge of making one new item each month.  This evolved into making one new thing a month (you can see my previous goodies here).  I started so well and then, as usual, my interest went elsewhere and I stopped, which means i'm four months behind on hand-making heaven. Until now!  

As you know,i'm a bit partial to the 50s, so of course, I chose another 50s style dress to make! Yes, i'm that predictable. I'm really pleased with how the dress turned out even if, as the Bot put it, it rather resembles a 1950s apron!

I made dress view D

I'm a sucker for a polka dot and couldn't resist this retro looking beauty, which came in at £5.99 per metre (I needed two metres for this dress)

 The pattern pieces

 Pin the pattern to the fabric

 Start cutting!

 The bodice, starting to take shape

Front pockets, done

 Bodice attached to skirt

 Adding the trim (I chose a lemon sorbet colour, the same colour as one of the polka dots)

 Trimming on!

 Buttonholes taking shape

 Top tip: always iron/press before sewing a seam, it makes life sew (oh come on, like you couldn't resist!) much easier

 Et voila, the finished result!

Recognise the hair?  Seeing as i'd gone to all the effort to style it up for the Matalan blogger competition it seemed rude to waste it! (In other news my tan has massively faded; these pics were only taken on Sat and i'm already looking back and feeling sad that i'm no longer that brown.  Yes, i'm vain, deal with it.)

I'm off to Secret Garden Party festival tomorrow, cannot wait! I've got my fancy dress costume at the ready, my sequins are primed and I can't wait to start jumping around in a field (and most likely getting covered in mud if this weather continues).  See you next week kiddos! xx

Fred Butler on music

The latest video from the MTV/Swatch collaboration is out and features Fred Butler and her frustrations of not being an artist (cos she can't sing!) but how she has entered that world through her designs instead. I think i'm a bit of a frustrated artist too, not being able to actually sing is quite annoying, when all you want to do is belt out a song.  Not that that actually stops me!!

So what's your biggest creative frustration?


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Matalan style project: 1950s glamour

Lovely, lovely readers, I have a favour to ask.  This month I am taking part in Matalan's blogger style challenge.  Each month they challenge four bloggers to dress head to toe in a given style - how lucky was I to get 1950s glamour, my favourite era!  So if you have two minutes to spare i'd really appreciate you visiting the Matalan blog and voting for me.

Here are a few of the other photos we took on the day, and my first attempt at victory rolls!  They defo need some improving but not bad for a first attempt - think i'll be trying this hair-do again!

Thank you in advance!

Clara xx


Monday, 18 July 2011

Lovebox baby

On Saturday the Bot and I ventured to Lovebox. I was not expecting to have to dig out my wellies for a day-festival in London but hey, that's British summertime for you.  We shucked out to David Rodigan, who rocked his usual reggae-goodness, ate Polish sausages, I learnt the very valuable lesson that 'showerproof' does in no-way mean waterproof (see photo 3), met some very funny transvestites at NYC downlow, I discovered I only really like Snoop Dog's collaboration with Warren G (I can leave the rest), apparently I really like Gaymers, the sun will eventually shine if you prey hard enough, and that my local chicken shop considers Miranda a suitable stand-in for Fanta orange. Tut tut.

Clazzerati, as sponsored by Gaymers

I hope you had a good weekend lovelies and managed to avoid the rain, Happy Monday xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Me and my tree

It's Friday, we made it through the week peeps, happy days! 

It's actually been really nice to get back to work this week after six weeks off.  I really didn't realise how much I liked a bit of routine in my life...oh god, i'm definitely getting old.

So, plans for this weekend involve a bit of Lovebox action on Sat (oh yes, i'll be shakin' out to a bit of Warren G and Snoop Dog) and then taking in the delights of the Lambeth Country Show on Sunday (i.e. stuffing my face with as much Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat as humanly possible).

Have a good one peeps xx

The breakdown
Top: vintage (via Sunbury Antiques market), £25
Skirt: handmade by me
Shoes: Kate Kanzier, £25
Belt: Urban Outfitters, £15 ish
Nail varnish: BarryM

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Vintage-esk sunnies

Clockwise from top left:
Topshop, £25
Joy, £7.50 (down from £15)
Gianfranco Ferre (via ASOS), £98 (down from £197)
Oasis, £11 (down from £16) 

Summer is supposedly here...hmm...but the festival season is most definitely upon us.  Which means it's sunnies o'clock!  I'm a firm believer in buying new sunnies each summer as I tend to break/lose/smash them each year.  But I also have a ridiculously small head (the girls call me pea-head) which makes it impossible to find a pair that fit my child-sized head (I used to wear children's sunglasses, it's not a cool look). 

Anyhoo, here are a few of my current fave vintage sunnies, most of which are currently on sale, bonus!

And on the subject of festivals, what's your fave festi tune?  I can never pick my 'fave' anything, but right now I can't think of a better song to sum up summers and festivals than Florence + The Machine, Dog Days Are Over.  It just makes me want to jump and spin and be happy.

Enjoy your Wednesday lovelies xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Dancing in the street

Did you have a lovely weekend?  Mine was decidedly boozy; partying on the roof terrace at the Queen of Hoxton on Friday and then a house party in Fulham on Sat.  However, I counter-balanced all the boozing by biking from Balham to the South Bank (about 12/13 miles for the round trip) on Sat and taking in a spot of lunch around Borough Market.  I'm such a bike geek but it seriously is the best way to get around town.  Did you know that in a city any journey under 5 miles will be quicker by bike?  True fact peeps.

So today is my first day back at work after a six week break.  Only 1600+ e-mails to get through today!

This is a new hair-do i've been rocking quite a bit at the moment. Essentially you just roll your hair up and pin it in place (for once having fine hair has it's advantages as this might be more tricky if your hair is thick!) but if you want a more detailed tutorial there is a great one over at my fave blog, A Cup Of Jo. Enjoy!

The breakdown
Skirt: vintage, £11 ish
Top: George at Asda, £5
Belt: Primark, £1
Bag: charity shop, £4
Necklace: Shoreditch market, £10
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, £25

Happy Monday all xx

What a goof ball!