Thursday, 21 October 2010

So long, farewell

Lovely people, i'm sorry this isn't a longer post.  I'd meant to write you a loving goodbye, but i'm afraid it will be short and sweet.

This afternoon i'm hot footing it to Berlin with the rest of my lovely colleagues for our annual jolly.  And then tomorrow i'm doing Berlin - London - Madrid - Buenos Aires!  Yes, I cannot wait.  I've never been to South America before but i'm looking forward to eating lots of steak, drinking muchos wine and tango-ing the night away.

I'll be back online on 8th November and i'm already looking forward to reading all your blogs and seeing what you've been up to!

Till then, adios amigos, and muchos love.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hello budget town, i'm coming to get ya!

Say what you will about Primark - for me it is the one-stop fashion destination for fashion buying on a budget.  Can't afford the latest designer ensembles?  Then get down to Primark cos they are nailing it right now.  Ok, so their budget prices come at a cost - you can't expect the finer detailing the designers are famous for and sure. Sometimes you put them in the wash and bid them a tearful goodbbye.  Think of Primark as your one-night stand kind clothing: so hot right now and certain to put a smile on your face, but if you're looking for any kind of long-term commitment and REAL quality, forget it.

How cute are these furry, snuggly outfits - perfect for the cold weather that has just set in!


If anyone can find these boots in a size 5, let me know!  The gorgeous Jacqueline over at Plaform Princess has these bad boys - shoe envy!

Simple and stylish and only £28 for the tunic and the shoes, yummy!


Lace bib blouse: £15

Paneled velvet and satin dress: £25

Bandeau jacquard maxi: £29

Brocade Bodycon dress: £23
Sumptious velvets, jacquards and brocades take over for the night - whether you're a bodycon girl or a free flowing maxi, be sure you sizzle when the sun goes down.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Pillar box red

How were your weekends lovelies?

I had a lovely chilled one with the Bot - work has been craaaaaaaaaazy of late and i've been feeling a bleugh (hence the lack of posts last week) so it was good to get some proper RnR.  And it meant I could finally get cracking on making my dress.  It's coming along nicely and should be ready before the hols, woop! (pics to follow)

Seeing as autumn is well and truely here I thought i'd post a couple of 'must-have' items for this time of year: boots and a snuggly winter coat.  These are pretty key items for your wardrobe but they don't have to break the bank.  This coat I picked up from eBay last year - it's Topshop vintage but I got it for £12.97 - bargain!  I slightly cheated with the boots as I had a voucher, so they only really cost me £25, but I've included the retail price to be fair. They're actually not my fave boots - something about the colour, but they worked for this look.

I've been meaning to take some pics by this phone box for yonks but never quite got round to it, until now.  And what better way to compliment the box than with a hot red lippy.  I've never had red lippy before but I picked this one up from No.17 -it's called 'Hot Chilli' and I love.

Coat // Topshop vintage via eBay: £12.97
Boots // Faith: £75

Have you spotted any great bargains around the web this week?  If so, let me know and i'll share them on here - together we can make fashion affordable!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Cheap as chips

So you may have noticed things have changed a little on Clazzerati.  I thought it was time I gave my blog the proper love it deserved and what better way than a mini make-over.  I've now got proper headings and sections within the site: Who is She?, By Clazzerati and Events & Press so take a little nosey around and find out even more about Clazzerati. And let me know what you think, as always i appreciate your feedback.

I've also focused the blog a bit more.  For me, my love of fashion comes out of a joint appreciation for clothes and my desire to grab a bargain at any opportunity.  Most of my clothes are from the cheaper high-street stores and I thrive on getting anything half-price.  So, I thought why not highlight this through my outfits that I post.  From now on i'll be disclosing exactly how much I paid, so you too can grab yourself some bargainous fashion.  I hope you likey.  I'm also hoping to make more of my own clothes, like this 60s dress i'm wearing here that I made last year.  If you've got any questions about making your own clothes e-mail me at and i'll be happy to answer!

Dress, By Clazzerati £9
Tights, Primark £1
Shoes, Primark £11.50
Bracelet, Primark £1.50
Bag, vintage £25

Have you got any fun plans tonight?  It's London Cocktail Week this week so i'm off to the Roxy bar in London Bridge to watch Tom Cruise in his glory days, pre-scientology weirdness, in Cocktail.  They've still got tickets left and for only £5 you get two cocktails and the screening of Cocktail thrown in - bargain central! xx

Monday, 11 October 2010

Think I need to get me a vajazzle for my va jay jay

And so another Monday rolls around - i'm starting to become convinced that there is a man somewhere who speeds up my clock between 7pm on Friday and 6.30am on Monday!

My weekend was spent double-dating on Friday, chillaxing on Saturday, watching copious amounts of X Factor (the Bot will never understand that despite viewing the show on Sat night I still have a need to watch it again on Sunday), visiting the Cycle Show and starting to make a new dress.  Oh, and a little thing called vajazzle came into my life.  God bless you Essex for enriching my life once more. If i've lost you, you need to check out ITV's new show The only way is Essex.  It's a poor man's version of the Hills.  Tragic but brilliant.

We had intended to buy my birthday present at the Cycle Show but found that a lot of places weren't actually selling their stock - I know, go figure.  Still, we had fun dreaming of unaffordable purchases and I got to test out a Pashley on their commuter track.  Sorry if you're not a cycle fan, but hopefully you can enjoy some of the pics.

Poppy, by Pashley.  Ain't she a beaut?

This is the bike i'm going to get.  It's a Princess by Dawes and before you all launch into attack at the lurid green colour, i'm getting it in Plum.  I'm thinking of decorating the basket with some flowers or mini-bunting, what do you think?

Loving these cycle helmets, shame I can't remember the brand!

You can ring my bell any day with one of these.  Tweet tweet.

This rain cape by Brooks was perfect, exactly what i'm after except for the price.  Does anyone know where I can buy an affordable rain cape? Answers on a postcard pls!

Cute little Bromptons

Me and the Bot on a modern Penny Farthing!
Yes, I did mention that i'm making another dress.  I absolutely love dress-making - knowing you are wearing something that no-one else in the world has rocks, but it can be a bit time consuming!  Oh, and I can be a bit lazy.  So, I figured if I officially announced on the here that i've started, I should hopefully get it finished before my hol - have I mentioned i'm off to Berlin and Argentina next week?  I'm attempting to make a 1950s dress with sleeves - it's my first attempt at long sleeves so it could be a complete disaster but we'll see.  I'll do a full post when it's complete!  You can check out some of my other handmade outfits here and here and here.

 Jumper: Vintage  // Jeans: BDG
Shoes: Primark  //  Glasses: Prada

Happy weeks all, mwa x

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Do you like to poof?

Would you take me seriosuly in this outfit?  I had an initial meeting with a client yesterday and of course deliberated over that to where.  You see i'm normally office based and we have a pretty relaxed policy at work which means when you need to be a bit smarter i'm all out of ideas!  Anyways, I wanted something that would be smart/casual but also something that wouldn't get completely ruined in the rain - damn you Britain and your rainy weather!

I'm loving this new nail varnish my sister gave me for my birthday - it's by Rococo and stays on forever.  The colour is delectably plumy, yum!


I bought this poof recently from Anthroplogie - i'm in love.  It's so poofy and bouncy, like a mini pom pom!

 Jacket: Primark  //  Ruffle blouse: New Look
Trousers: BDG via UO // Belt: Primark
Poof: Anthropologie  // Shoes: Primark

What are your verdicts then - yay/ney?

On a seperate note a dear friend of mine, James, is running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon with his brother this weekend to raise money for the MS society. It's a charity particularly close to both of their hearts as their mum suffers from MS and is wheelchair bound as a result.  If you fancy donating visit his fundraising page.  The weather is supposed to be lush this weekend (by that I mean sun, it is London afterall) so head on down to the parks (Hyde, Green and St James's) this Sunday 09.00-14.30. See you there!

And in case you're wondering who this man I talk of is, this is me and James on our birthday night a few weeks ago!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A little less conversation, a little more action please

Sherling / snood / floral / and rad rings.  Digging this lady's style.

How cute is this strawberry beanie?

Cosy and cool.  And knee high socks rocked without looking tarty, in my opinion.

Beautiful.  I'd like to think this lady is off to find the perfect meadow in which to read a book.

Effortlessly cosy.

Chunky oversized knit cardi, rocking.

All black doesn't have to mean boring. Mix it up with textures et voila, confidently chic. 

 All photos are sourced from except the last which is from Mariannan

I'm not going to say too much today really other than enjoy these photos. Autumn is definitely my favourite season but i'm living vicariously through others at the mo as the credit card is feeling a liiiiiiiiiiitle stretched.  That, and i'm off to Argentina in two weeks so trying to save all my pennies for that, woop woop!

Happy Tuesday peeps xx